What I’m doing now (May 2017):


I’m working with a bunch of fantastic people at Centare. We help people build better software. I’m working with Angular2, Spark, TypeScript, and .Net Core. I’m also exploring data technologies like R and D3.js.

I’m speaking throughout the Midwest region. Mostly in the Wisconsin area. I deliver entertaining and useful talks, usually on web topics.  I’m focusing on improving at storytelling and the craft of public speaking.

I’m writing more. Primarily on this blog, though also in other places.

Personal Development:

I’m trying to get more value out of the books I read. I’ve read over 200 books in the past few years. I want to circle back and review some of the gems.

I’m working on my health. I’m using Keto diet and trying out different fasting schedules. It’s a great way to maximize mental clarity while losing weight. I’m nowhere near perfect, but I try to improve a little each day.

I’m also working on incorporating more exercise into my life. I’m a big fan of kettlebells and hiking.

This is inspired by Derek Sivers and