What I’m doing now (January 2018):


I’m working with a bunch of fantastic people at Centare. We help people build better software. Still trucking along the Angular / .NET Core Path, but also working on some Azure certifications.

I’m speaking throughout the Midwest region. Mostly in the Wisconsin area. I deliver entertaining and useful talks, usually on web topics.  I’m focusing on improving at storytelling and the craft of public speaking. Currently working on starting a Toastmasters group for technical speakers to improve at the craft of public speaking.

I’m writing more. I’m trying to spend more of my time on things that scale (like writing) and a little less time on things that don’t (live speaking).

Personal Development:

My word for 2018 is discipline. I’m implementing systems and schedules to get more out of my time and money. Things got crazy last year, so I’m working on zeroing back in on the important things in life. So far I’ve managed about 20 hours of focused learning in the past month along with progress in budgeting, exercise, and other areas of my life.

Still working on my health. Keto is great, but I need to be more strict to hit the next level. Also resigned up for the gym and allocated time to go. A big part of the discipline theme

This is inspired by Derek Sivers and