Favorite Tools

This is a list of tools and resources that I use and enjoy.


Visual Studio – The obvious choice for any .NET development
Visual Studio Code – VS Code is great. It gets better with each new version and extension. In addition to using it for general text editing, it’s my favorite tool for client side development.
JS Fiddle – For JS/HTML/CSS sketching
LinqPad – For code sketching and DB access
DotNetFiddle – For code sketching and low ceremony proof of concepts.
RegEx Storm – For creating and testing regular expressions. Regex Hero was cool, but it’s silverlight, so it’s out.

Reference Sites

docs.microsoft.com – Microsoft Developer Docs, all in one place.
MDN – Mozilla’s documentation of various web standards
Stack Overflow – Dev Q&A
Dev Doc – A site that compiles documentation from a variety of web technologies in one place.

Source Control

Git with Git Extensions

Information Processing

Trello – for Personal Kanbanning
OneNote – For idea capture and commonplacing. I live in OneNote.
Feedly – for news and blogs
Pocket – for reading things later

Package Management / Software Installs

https://chocolatey.org/ – This will save you a ton of time when setting up a new PC. I love apt-get on Linux and love this Windows version as well.

Code Validation


Design Tools